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Why Kyrie Irving is Suddenly Saying He Doesn't Want to Be Traded

Colin Cowherd: “Two different sources told the New York Post yesterday that: ‘Kyrie has not asked for a trade, if the Nets don’t want him, that’s something totally different. Kyrie has not said he wants a trade. He opted in.’ kYrIe wAnTs tO wIn a cHamPiOnShIp! Yeah, this is Kyrie and his agent saving face. ‘Never wanted out!’, ‘Loves KD!’, ‘Loves the Nets!’… why did this story drop in the last 24 hours? Because the Lakers have drawn a line in the sand. 'We will give you Westbrook and a future first-round pick, but Kyrie is a flake and we’re not giving you both of our first-round picks.' Rob Pelinka I’m told said ‘I’m not giving you both picks.’ I’ll give you one and Westbrook, but Kyrie is not dependable. For the record, I don’t care much about draft picks in the NBA, but I get it, there is the value and the optics of ‘we’re not selling the farm for Kyrie, if he flames out we’re going to look really bad.’ This is all because the Nets don’t really want him, the Lakers want him but don’t want to give up much besides a bad Westbrook contract, and the other 29 teams in the league are saying ‘HARD PASS.’ That is why this story broke. Kyrie Irving overplayed his hand, burned bridges, had power, used all of it, and this is where he is. The Nets don’t want him, the Lakers ‘kind of’ do, but won’t give up more than Westbrook and a draft pick in three years which could be at the bottom of the first round, and the other 29 teams are saying ‘NOT REMOTELY INTERESTED.’ Kyrie has earned all of this, every single ounce of it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss a recent New York Post report that had an anonymous source leak information regarding a potential Kyrie Irving trade, with the ‘source’ saying that there is no truth to Irving wanting to leave Brooklyn.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why the leak from this convenient source is only coming out of the blue because it appears obvious now that the Lakers, reportedly the only team ever interested in Irving, don’t even want him anymore.

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