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Chris Broussard: “The Shine Has Slipped Off of Lamar Jackson”

Photo: Patrick Smith

Chris Broussard: “I’ve got to be honest: I like Lamar Jackson, but if I’m a receiver in the NFL, I don’t know if I would want Lamar as my QB. Multiple receivers have turned him down. Kenny Golladay opted to sign with the Giants rather than the Ravens, his friend Hollywood Brown left for Arizona, and other receivers have been voicing their opinions on his skill set as a QB. I still think Lamar is a Top 10 QB, don’t get me wrong, but his play has declined each of the last 2 seasons since he’s won MVP, and I feel the shine has just fallen off of him. There was a time that people talked about Lamar and Mahomes being the next Manning vs Brady, but not anymore.”
Veejay Huskey: “Lamar Jackson, to me, reminds me of the way people talked about Cam Newton. It feels like people are waiting for him to fit the mold, image-wise, that they want a starting QB to fit. Lamar knows he needs to get better, and I believe he will.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and guest host Veejay Huskey discuss the recent criticism of Lamar Jackson from former players who were apart of his offense. Do you believe Lamar Jackson has lost his shine?