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Colin Cowherd Warns Knicks About Trading For Donovan Mitchell

Colin Cowherd: “Shams Charania says the Knicks and Donovan Mitchell are talking. The Knicks just acquired Jalen Brunson, which would give the Knicks two small, ball-centric guards who don’t play defense. It doesn’t make any basketball sense but it would be a great headline. I know New Yorkers are saying ‘C’MON COLIN, HE’S FROM NEW YORK!’… Westbrook is from LA, he’s never been worse. That doesn’t matter and nobody cares where you from. It would feel like the Carmelo Anthony deal a little bit. You’d have to gut a little bit of the roster and a little bit of the house to bring in the chandelier. You’d have to get rid of some of your draft picks, you’d have to get rid of an RJ Barrett, but it would make you more relevant, and Utah is trying to stockpile more picks, so both teams would get something. Right now the Knicks are mostly second-tier in New York. The Mets are fascinating, the Yankees are great, Brooklyn is always in the headlines, there is a lot of optimism around the Jets… The Knicks? Not that interesting. They want to dominate the back page and it’s a great basketball city. This is the reality of big market teams. In New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, it’s hard to buy in to slow rebuilds. Notice where the rebuilds are happening? Utah, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Memphis was on one pre-Ja Morant. You can do that in those cities, people have fewer options. LA has got 2 NBA teams, 2 baseball teams, 2 NFL teams, and a beach. The Knicks are getting lost in New York and lost among other big cities in the East. The Celtics are good, the Sixers are good… The Nets are talented. The Knicks? None of the above. They have 11 first-round picks from 2023 to 2029. Utah is trying to rebuild and the Knicks are trying to be relevant. I don’t think it makes a ton of basketball sense to have Donovan and Jalen Brunson, both undersized, neither much defensively, $55 million combined salaries, eats up most of your cap… But I don’t think you can continue to sell the ‘future’ when you’re charging $300 for a decent seat in a recession as the market tumbles, inflation, uncertainty, chaos… ‘HEY, CAN YOU PAY $300 A SEAT??’ Nobody cares about draft picks, they would care about Donovan Mitchell.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think a potential Donovan Mitchell trade to the Knicks would 'make much basketball sense', as Colin says the Knicks may have ulterior motives for wanting to acquire the three-time All-Star from Utah.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why a Mitchell trade to New York could become the next ‘Carmelo Anthony’ type trade, where the Knicks mortgage their future simply to grab headlines and stay relevant in a glamorous market.

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