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Jalen Brunson is the Catalyst for the Kicks to Acquire Donovan Mitchell

Photo: Tom Pennington

Jason Smith: “When the Knicks got Jalen Brunson, I saw people criticizing the move. I understand, but people need to realize that the Knicks didn’t sign Brunson to be ‘the guy.’ The Kicks signed him to get ‘the guy,’ and I firmly believe that will be Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell wouldn’t be so gung-ho to go to the Knicks if they didn’t invest in a great number two for him. New York is now a much more attractive destination for him. Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks is all but confirmed at this point.”

Thursday on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and guest host Steve DeSaegher discuss the rumors surrounding Donovan Mitchell going to the New York Knicks. Jason believes the deal is all but done, and signing Jalen Brunson was the catalyst to get it done.