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KD Watch: Colin Cowherd Ranks the Best Destinations For Kevin Durant

Watch Colin Cowherd play a game of ‘If the Shoe Fits: The Kevin Durant Edition’ with Colin rating which teams he thinks would offer the best backdrop for Durant, as the fate of the 33-year-old continues to produce one of the most fascinating, mysterious, and undefinable trade markets in NBA history.

Here are the teams most likely to land the 12-time All-Star:

Miami Heat? GOOD FIT – “I would have to sleep on trading Jimmy Butler, the soul of the franchise, for KD.”

New York Knicks? NOT A FIT – “Knicks have missed the playoffs 8 of the last 9 years and KD already chose the Knicks over the Nets the last time he had a choice.”

Los Angeles Lakers? NOT A FIT – “KD is 34, LeBron has had some injuries, AD is falling apart… They only have two tradeable first-round picks, 2027 and 2029, and I’m not sure what else you could give them.”

Los Angeles Clippers? GOOD FIT – “Kawhi reportedly wanted to play with KD two years ago and the Clippers have a deep roster, so Kevin could have a bench and you could give up assets to get him.”

Memphis Grizzlies? NOT A FIT – Don’t break up this team! So young and so fun. Grizzlies’ biggest trade asset outside Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson, just got hurt and could miss the start of the season.”

Dallas Mavericks? NOT A FIT – “It’s a terrible fit. They need a point guard to replace Jalen Brunson, and you don’t want to take away shots from Luka.”

New Orleans Pelicans? GOOD FIT – “Brooklyn would feel like they’re getting a poor man’s KD with Brandon Ingram, and it would take pressure off Zion. This is a really good fit.”

Golden State Warriors? NOT A FIT – “Are you really going to give up ten years of James Wiseman? Have you seen the Summer League??”

Brooklyn Nets? GOOD FIT – “Ben Simmons can score he just can’t shoot. He’s an excellent defender and excellent distributor. If we got the Ben Simmons when he was at his best in Philadelphia he would be perfect with KD and Kyrie.”

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