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Why a Donovan Mitchell Trade to the Knicks is Pointless

Colin Cowherd: “Even though basketball-wise with Jalen Brunson, it doesn’t make a ton of sense – two small, ball-centric guards, who don’t defend – but in a weird way it makes you relevant and interesting, and I think for big-market teams this remains a business.”

Nick Wright: “I agree with that, but how relevant and how interesting after the initial glow of it? Did you feel like the Knicks were super relevant and super interesting during the Melo era? Because I didn’t. They were ‘there’, they weren’t a laughing stock, but they also got past the first round once. If the Knicks added Donovan Mitchell, how good are you? Are you better than the Raptors? Probably. The Cavs? Yeah, I think so. The Bulls? Sure, give it to him. The Hawks? That’s close. But it still doesn’t get you out of round 1. I'm going to give you five teams: the Nets if KD stays, the Heat, the Celtics, the Bucks, and the Sixers. To get out of the first round you have to be better than TWO of those. OK, you’re no longer a laughing stock, but what does that give you? Knicks picks are not Warriors picks, Knicks picks down the road are really valuable because you’re the KNICKS. I get that Donovan’s dad works for the Mets and he’s from the area, and seems to be interested in playing for the team, but the snarky headline would be ‘League’s 19th best team gets league’s 19th best player.' Like I’m not sure that’s a huge needle mover in the macro” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Nick Wright explain why he doesn’t think a Donovan Mitchell trade to the Knicks would move the needle much in the Eastern Conference, as Nick thinks the Knicks going from a laughing stock to an automatic first-round exit shouldn’t be very heralded.

Check out the segment above as Nick details to Colin why the Knicks would still remain irrelevant even with a reloaded backcourt of Mitchell and Jalen Brunson.

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