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Why Jimmy Garoppolo is the Most Underrated Player in the NFL

Colin Cowherd: “Jimmy Garoppolo has become the most underrated player in the NFL… BY A MILE. He has one year left on his contract so if you sign him you’re not invested for years. He’s going to make $26 million this year and most of it is not guaranteed. That’s way under-market. There are 7-8 teams minimum who are going to need a quarterback after this year. Jets may move off their guy, Lions might move off Goff, Wentz may be out of Washington, Tampa, Seattle, Atlanta, Carolina, Saints, and Giants. You can talk yourself into 10 teams pretty quickly. Didn’t we watch him outplay Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau? ‘COLIN, HE CAN’T STAY HEALTHY!’ Let’s attack that narrative. He played 15 of 17 games this year plus three playoff games, and in the one he lost to the Rams he led 17-7 in the third quarter. This ‘he’s never available’ is nonsense. In the Super Bowl year he played 19/19 games. What you don’t want to be at quarterback is incompetent, chaotic, and uncoachable. He’s incredibly coachable, he’s an All-Star in the locker room, he was available in 95% of the games last year, and in the Super Bowl year he was upright for all of them, and there’s no market for him?? In an offense that is geared on running the football here are his stats last year: 6th in the league in completion percentage, 9th in passer rating, 2nd in yards per attempt, and 1st in yards per completion. ‘BUT COLIN, HIS HEALTH!’ OK, he can be rickety, but I’ll take that over bad, uncoachable, and incompetent. Don’t be paralyzed because he’s gotten beat up, he was available in the two biggest years for the Niners. When he is available, which is mostly, he wins playoff games. I’m not saying he’s great but Jimmy Garoppolo wins games.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Jimmy Garoppolo is the ‘most underrated player in the NFL by a mile’, as Colin says he doesn’t understand why the offseason market for Garoppolo has been so low.

Check out the video above as Colin defends Garoppolo from some of the narratives that have haunted Jimmy G his entire career.

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