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Colin Cowherd's Top 8 NFL Quarterbacks Facing the Most Pressure This Season

Colin Cowherd: “There was a movie called ‘The Fateful Eight’, today we’re going to play ‘The Hateful Eight’. We are eight weeks away from the start of the NFL season -- what are the eight quarterbacks that face the most pressure this year? For instance, I’m not going to put Daniel Jones on the list, his pressure was last year. The Mara’s, the family of Giants owners, wanted to give him a final year and it’s kind of understood that he’s not the guy, so I don’t put him on the list. Here are people that I think there are decisions, there’s pressure, there’s intensity, and there are big expectations.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top eight NFL quarterbacks facing the most pressure heading into the 2022/2023 season.

Here are Colin’s rankings as follows:

8. Russell Wilson
7. Ryan Tannehill
6. Kyler Murray
5. Justin Fields
4. Zach Wilson
3. Lamar Jackson
2. Carson Wentz
1. Tua Tagovailoa

See why in the FULL segment above.

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