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Why This NFL Team is Going to Shock the League Next Season

Colin Cowherd: “I said Minnesota is going to be the shock of the league and my takeaway is they lost a ton of close games, Packers won’t be as good, and the Bears and Lions still have a ton of questions. More than anything, if you have a boss who believed in you, you would feel it and you would sense it, and it would affect performance... I think Kirk Cousins is a ‘B’ to ‘B+’ quarterback who has sometimes shrunk in big games and I think last year him and Zimmer got a little chilly and ugly, and it affected him more than usual. Here comes Kevin O’Connell, a former NFL quarterback, an offensive coach from the Sean McVay tree and I’m like ‘the division may be weaker, Cousins will feel supported, I love their skill pieces’… I think the Vikings will SHOCK the league this year.”
Greg Jennings: “I’m with you, and I don’t necessarily believe they’re going to be a ‘shock’ to a lot of teams. This was a good team that couldn’t win in close games. You make a great point about Kirk Cousins and the support of management, head coaches, and all the things, and it reminds me of a situation that played out in Philly with Carson Wentz, who ran away from that relationship, and wanted to feel support, and didn’t endure it. Kirk Cousins didn't endure it [support] and has always had this defensive coach when he was in this purple uniform, and he was never going to be the savior, but now you have a head coach who is on your side of the ball who is really dictating everything, and you’re in a more favorable position. For me, Kirk Cousins has always be a ‘B+’ quarterback who has always been underappreciated. This team is going to win the North. I’m not going to say that Green Bay is going to fold, but this team [Minnesota] is definitely going to be one of the most improved, if not the most improved team in the NFL.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch former NFL wideout Greg Jennings join The Herd to discuss with Colin Cowherd why they both believe the Minnesota Vikings will be the ‘shock’ of the NFL this season, and finally conquer the Packers in the NFC North.

Check out the segment above as Jennings and Colin detail why they believe the arrival of new head coach Kevin O’Connell will finally invigorate Kirk Cousins to perform like a primetime quarterback.

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