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Colin Cowherd Says These 17 College Football Teams Can Win a National Title

Colin Cowherd: “I think there are 130 Division-I programs, and there are 17 programs who I think have a ‘chance’ to win a National Championship. Seventeen, I’m not just talking this year, but in the foreseeable future. I would put them in three categories, and here are the three categories.”

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Nick Saban’s recent grumblings about the new ‘Name, Image, Likeness’ rules creating a ‘caste system’ in college football, as Colin counters Nick with the reality that college football has already had a ‘caste system’ for the entirety of its history.

Here are the teams who make up Colin’s college football title contender tiers:

The Real Deal Group: ‘These are the best rosters in college football, they out-recruit people, they almost always have the right coach, they have the facilities, they have the passion, they have the geography.’

Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma

The ‘Close’ Group: ‘These teams feel really close and could win a National Championship but they don’t have quite the depth of roster or talent. They need breaks but they could win if they stayed healthy, and teams in their division got banged up.’

Baylor, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon, Penn State

The ‘Still Waiting’ Group: ‘These teams could in the foreseeable future win a National Championship. This group has been dominant before but we keep waiting for them. When it’s rolling, those teams can beat the first group and the second group, and I feel like there is either chaos, politics, dysfunction, or they can’t get it going.’

Florida, Florida State, Miami, Texas, Texas A&M, USC

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