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Dan Beyer: "The Slander and Disdain toward Paying Lamar Jackson is Unfair"

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Dan Beyer: “I don’t get the slander toward Lamar Jackson. If you have that top level quarterback you keep them and you figure out a way to keep them long-term. I don’t know what world we live in, where we look at Lamar Jackson as a bottom half quarterback. I completely disagree with Peter King, and this narrative that Lamar ‘doesn’t deserve the big money contract,’ is starting to boarder on unfair. He’s won an MVP, and everyone wants to point to what he’s done in the playoffs, which is fair. But he’s done so much with a team that’s been shorthanded and I’m not sure if you could put a guy like Dak Prescott, or a Matthew Stafford and see better results. I don’t get the Lamar disdain on paying him long-term.”
 Rich Ohrnberger: “If you gave me a choice between Lamar and Dak Prescott, I’m taking Lamar Jackson all day long. It’s not a slight to Dak, but I just believe Lamar’s ceiling is much higher at this point in his career. We’re taking about the real estate market in terms of quarterbacks, and Lamar is an amazing house in a great neighborhood in this scenario. Even if Lamar is ‘the worst of the best,’ he’s a much better option than fishing in the draft, or settling on a disgruntled veteran.”

On Thursday’s Doug Gottlieb Show, Dan Beyer and Rich Ohrnberger react to Peter King’s comments on why the Ravens are hesitant on paying QB Lamar Jackson. Both Dan and Rich are puzzled by the comments, and don’t understand the slander Lamar repeatedly gets.