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Hometown Discount Won’t Help Sixers If James Harden Is Out Of Shape

Photo: Michael Reaves

James Harden ended his free agency by signing a two-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers which represents a significant discount in salary expenditure for the Sixers. But he’s a step slow these days and he’s not getting any younger. Dan doesn’t think the hometown discount is going to help unless Harden can show up in much better shape than he has in recent seasons.

Dan Patrick: “(James Harden) agreed to a two-year, $68M contract, and really this is a one-year deal the way I look at it. It’s a one-year deal and I know a lot of people have looked at this, the analysts, and say, ‘Well, he’s helping out the 76ers.’ You know how you can help out the 76ers? Show up in shape! The money, great, who you going to go get? Because you’re going to save them money, who are you going to bring in? I want you in shape...A hometown discount is nice, but I’d rather you pushed yourself away from the Hometown Buffet and come in in shape.”