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Jason Smith: Juan Soto Ending Up a Dodger is Inevitable


Jason Smith: “The Nationals want prospects, they don’t want players. They don’t want young guys, they want the best of someone’s farm system. Who has the best farm systems, the Yankees and the Dodgers. The team that would make this move is the Dodgers. They’re the team that can afford to put together the best prospect package. In addition their prospects in recent years have turned into stars, so the Nationals would want to take their prospects over any of the other teams. If the Dodgers want to do this deal, it’s theirs to make.”  
Mike Harmon: “The Dodgers could afford to include Cody Bellinger in the deal because he’s only on a one year contract and at this point he’s expendable for the organization.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon breakdown the likely trade destination for Washington National’s outfielder Juan Soto. Jason believes that it’s inevitable that Soto will end up a Dodger when it’s all said and done.