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Rob Parker: “Kyler Murray Still Has to Prove he’s Worth his New Contract”

Photo: Chris Coduto

Rob Parker: “I get it, Kyler and the Cardinals are trending upward from where they were but, it doesn’t feel like he was playing so well he was deserving of this at this time. I get it, he was the first overall pick, they had to convince him not to play baseball and all that, but to me, it feels like it was the system or process not the reward for a job well done yet.”
Aaron Torres: “As I saw this news rolling down the ticker before coming into the show, I rolled my eyes and moved on. I don’t think he’s worth it. I do think this is just the reality of where we are with the NFL and with Quarterbacks.”

The Odd Couple’s Rob Parker & guest host Aaron Torres react to Kyler Murray’s new contract with the Cardinals. Do you think Murray is deserving of this contract or does he have more to prove?