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Despite What Charles Barkley Says, LIV Tour Isn’t About Growing the Game

Photo: Mitchell Leff

Charles Barkley is being pursued by the LIV Golf Tour and he recently defended their operation claiming it was just another way to grow the game. Doug disagrees vehemently. It’s clear that the only thing they want to grow is their wallets. Barkley dismissing the outrageous actions of the Saudi government by saying there are bad people in every sport is disingenuous and a convenient excuse to pad his bank account. That attitude is exactly what the Saudi government is hoping to engender and Barkley is just playing into their hands.

Doug Gottlieb: “It’s to grow their wallets, and it’s to somehow legitimize the Saudis...Charles (Barkley) isn’t denying that it’s blood money, he’s just saying everybody gets blood money. Do they, really?”