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Jimbo Fisher's Recruiting Looks Very Different When Under the Microscope

New Mexico v Texas A&M

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A season after Texas A&M ranked first in the 2022 recruiting class, Jimbo Fisher's 2023 recruiting class has fallen all the way down to 62nd. Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington think Nick Saban might have been playing chess to Jimbo's checkers when calling him out publicly for inducement.

Brady Quinn: "It's a direct correlation to the microscope has been put on us. We can't do what we did last year and our recruits look a little different right now. I haven't seen that dramatic of a swing in recruiting ever.
When Nick Saban comes out and basically says, 'Yeah, dude, you bought that class.' This justifies it."
Jonas Knox: "Here are some of the teams that are ranked ahead of Texas A&M right now. Temple, UCF, East Carolina and Central Michigan."
LaVar Arrington: "So Nick Saban is playing chess, he ain't playing checkers. He said look, let me put a spotlight where the spotlight needs to be so that it could go back to doing things the way that they've been done... Nick is somewhere laughing."