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Charles Barkley Can Take LIV Golf to the Next Level

Capital One's The Match

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Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington discuss just how big it is for the world of sports if Charles Barkley leaves TNT for for the LIV Tour.

Jonas Knox: "I'm just curious to see if he does join this, what the blowback is going to be because if there's one guy who doesn't give a crap what anybody thinks about him on social media or anything like that, it's him. And that's why I'm fascinated to see how this whole thing plays out."
Brady Quinn: "I would imagine the money they would be potentially offering him is astronomical... because even though he's not playing in those events, that's appointment television. You will find a way of finding Charles Barkley, commentating on the LIV Tour. You took a bunch of good golfers, and you're stealing that from the PGA Tour, okay that's one thing. When you start taking people away that impact other major sports and the broadcasting along with it, now I think people are starting to take this a lot more seriously in how they're viewing the LIV Tour.