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Colin Cowherd Says This Unheralded Quarterback Will Make the Hall of Fame

Colin Cowherd: “Davante Adams was quoted over the weekend saying ‘when you go from one Hall of Famer to another Hall of Famer at quarterback there is a little adjustment’…. OHHHH, THE INTERNET IMPLODED! Well, Aaron IS going to be a Hall of Famer, and Derek Carr IS going to be a Hall of Famer, some of us are perceptive enough to see it years before others. Derek Carr has been in the NFL for eight years, and for seven of the eight, I can argue that he had a below-average offensive line. He’s on his sixth coach entering his ninth year. The franchise moved, he’s in a tough division, and the last couple of years the organization was run by two guys [Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock] hired out of network television. THIS is the stat: in Derek’s eight years in the NFL the Raiders have allowed the most points in the league in those eight years, and had the fewest takeaways, meaning he doesn’t get a short field, he doesn’t get a week off, he’s gotta win by shootout every damn week. Every week the franchise needs him to overcome the defense, the bad o-line, and the TV guys who are now the GM and coach… What a shock. The biggest criticism of Derek Carr is explainable. His issue is that he ‘doesn’t like to get hit.’ A) Nobody does, B) his brother David Carr entered the league and took a physical beating for years and that ended his brother’s career. He watched his brother, who he is very close with, take a beating for years, so Derek watched his brother go through a physical beating and he is really, really aware of ‘GET RID OF THE BALL.’ Derek Carr is the picture of overcoming adversity – last year: Henry Ruggs, Jon Gruden… in the tougher AFC, he CARRIED them to the playoffs as the life preserver of the franchise. Mac Jones and Tua complete 70% of their passes in a clean pocket but that ain’t the game. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler with a good seven years left. He better buy a gold jacket. He’s going to be given one but he should just get used to wearing it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Derek Carr’s career will end up enshrined in Canton, Ohio, at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as Colin once again defends and praises Carr as the most underrated player in the NFL.

Check out the segment above as Colin details how Carr has overcome more adversity than any other QB in the league.

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