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Dan Beyer: "If I'm Kyler Murray Right Now I am Ticked Off!"

Photo: Christian Petersen

Dan Beyer: “How does this leak out? Because Kyler Murray felt there was distrust between him and the Arizona Cardinals. He was always going to get paid, but there was a reason he scrubbed them from his social media pages. This now makes me think that there’s some validity to him being frustrated with the organization. If I’m Kyler Murray right now I am TICKED off!”

Today on The Doug Gottlieb Show, Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres react to Kyler Murray’s $230.5 million contract extension from the Arizona Cardinals which comes with the caveat of a required 4 hours of “independent study” per game week. Beyer discusses that Murray was always going to get his contract extension, but now there’s some legitimacy to Kyler’s feeling of distrust with the Cardinals!