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The Jaylen Brown Trade Rumors for Kevin Durant is a Bad Look for Boston

Photo: Adam Glanzman

RJ Bell: “There are rumors of the Celtics trading Jaylen Brown plus picks for Kevin Durant. It has already made the Celtics the favorite right now to win the NBA championship. Did Boston make a mistake, AJ?”
AJ Hoffman: “I think letting it out in public that Jaylen Brown was involved in these trade conversations is a really bad look. He was the best player on the Celtics in the NBA Finals. If you got to trade him to get Kevin Durant I guess I understand the theory, but you can’t say you can’t trade Marcus Smart. If you’re willing to trade Brown it means you’re going all in to get Durant. Marcus Smart is an expendable guy if you’re trying to get Durant.”

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and AJ Hoffman discuss the report of Jaylen Brown being offered to Brooklyn in a package deal for Kevin Durant. These rumors have pushed the Celtics to being the favorite to win the NBA championship next season, but the Vegas crew speculates that any trade rumors surrounding Brown and other Celtics players is a bad look.