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Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold Are Going to Have Problems This Season

Photo: Sarah Stier

Today on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the two best friends discussed the quarterback battle brewing in Carolina for the Panthers this season. Both of them think Sam Darnold is going to get the starting spot week one but both of them have a huge feeling they will be seeing Baker Mayfield taking the snaps a month within the season.

Jason Smith: “I’ll tell you exactly how this is going to go. I’m steeped into reality here for anyone who thinks that Baker Mayfield is the guy who is starting this season. It’s going to be Sam Darnold to start the season. Darnold has a huge head start over Mayfield, he’s in the system, he knows the players, he is familiar with the scheme, he has a huge leg up on Baker Mayfield. Baker has to come in, learn the playbook and he has to learn the players, it’s going to take time... If you see a blowout in the first few weeks we will see Baker but If Darnold doesn’t start this season he should just retire.”
Mike Harmon: “The return of Christian McCaffrey might open up the offense for Darnold and company. It might give Sam Darnold a little bit of life. You can always start with Darnold and then go to Baker to save Matt Rhule’s Job...”