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Does Kyler Murray’s New Contract Clause Effect The Cardinals Week One Odds?

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Today on Straight Outta Vegas, AJ Hoffman and MacKenzie Rivers discuss Kyler Murray needing a clause in his contract. AJ believes Kyler still has a lot to prove as a leader headed into the season if he is going to be the second highest paid quarterback in the league. The guys also talk about the 49ers committing to Trey Lance and much more headed into NFL training camp.

AJ Hoffman: “The Arizona Cardinals are going to treat Kyler Murray like a kid, they want to make sure that he isn’t distracted by Xbox or YouTube, and he’s actually doing his homework.  They’re saying, make sure you do your homework or else you’re grounded. He’s going to receive credit for completing film study. This is wild to me.  Without a doubt, I’m taking the Chiefs -3 week one, no way I’m backing Arizona.”
MacKenzie Rivers: “Think about this, he can get $160 million dollar didn’t do his homework penalty... That has to be the most unprecedented contract clause in history... That much riding on your homework, embarrassing is what comes to mind when talking about this. They are a team that I’m not looking to bet on early in the season. I like the Chiefs week one -3 at Arizona.”