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LaVar Arrington: Kyler Murray Looks 'Unintelligent' With Study Hours Clause

LaVar Arrington: “I would be offended; you’re SUPPOSED to watch film. I don’t care if you can ‘feel’ the game and all that other stuff, you’re supposed to watch film. That’s what you do; you take notes, you watch film, you prepare, you scout them, and you scout yourself so you can get an edge. To accept that clause means that there is an idea and an understanding that you could have done it better. Four hours is not significant enough as an extra extended amount of time if you're really truly trying to create a competitive edge or an understanding of what you’re doing. 1) it’s a weird number, and 2) it certainly does scream that they do not believe that Kyler Murray prepares the way that an NFL quarterback should prepare for a game. It’s there for public consumption, somebody is going to see that and the first thing you’re going to assume is that he’s not a bright player. You’re going to assume he’s not intelligent. Most people see that and say ‘they’re forcing him to put four more extra hours in??’ Most people who just see that at face value are going to say he’s not smart. That is the correlation of what that would be without enlightening of what it really could mean, that he’s not smart.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to LaVar Arrington of Fox Sports Radio discuss the bizarre ‘study hours’ clause that was put into Kyler Murray’s contract extension with the Cardinals, as LaVar says the embarrassing stipulation just makes Murray come off as ‘not smart’.

Check out the segment above as Arrington details why he thinks Murray should be offended by the way the contract was worded, knowing the public would have access to the specifics and assume he's not a very astute student of the game.

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