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Mariano Rivera Is Looking in the Middle East for the Next Derek Jeter

Photo: Jim McIsaac

Hall of Fame Reliever, Mariano Rivera joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk about the beginning of his career when he was a starter and his move to the bullpen. He says he would rather face Alex Rodriguez than Derek Jeter if a game were on the line because Jeter is so clutch. He describes some of his own at-bats, few as they were, and some of the mammoth homeruns hit against him. And he is excited about spreading his baseball knowledge to 900 million cricket fans the Middle East.

Mariano Rivera: “They have two billion new fans that need to see the game; they need to know about the game, they need to learn about the game. You mentioned about cricket, they have 900 million fans of cricket. So, in those people, (there) definitely has to be the next Mariano Rivera, the next Derek Jeter, on and on. That’s why we are excited because we have the opportunity to develop them.”