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Tyreek Hill is Justifying His Decision to Leave Mahomes For Tua

Miami Dolphins Press Conference

Photo: Getty Images

Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill continues to play-up his new QB Tua Tagovailoa, calling him the most accurate passer in the NFL, but 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe think it's gotten to the point where he's trying to justify his decision to leave Patrick Mahomes. If that's the case and he's already overcompensating during his honeymoon in Miami, expect the noise to turn negative midseason when he's unable to replicate the production he had in Kansas City.

LaVar Arrington: "He's not defending Tua, he's trying to compensate for why he made the decision when he did to leave Kansas City."
Jonas Knox: "At some point this season there's got to be a realization that he's not playing with Patrick Mahomes. Maybe he's not going to be as wide open as he was at certain times playing with Travis Kelce... Tua is going to have to force the ball to Tyreek Hill because he's gonna get pissed off he's not getting the ball enough and he's gonna go back to, 'I defended him. This was my guy.' He's trying to butter him up here."
Brady Quinn: "Wide receiver personalities are interesting and it's one in which, usually when you hear them talking this much when things are good, it's only going to get worse when things are bad. They're only going to talk that much more and become a distraction, or fracture your locker room, or create more chaos with the media. All those things end up happening when you've got a player who talks this much."

Brady goes on to grade his most accurate QB's in the league today. Hear how Tua ranks among the best in the league.