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Why the 2001 Lakers Would Mop the Floor With the 2017 Warriors

Marcellus Wiley: “The Lakers would GET THEM, and I’m going to give you a few reasons why. The 2017 Warriors were constructed because the 2016 Warriors realized that they couldn’t play physical ball and Steph was getting compromised with a league that was softer than in 2001. So you’re not physical enough in a softer league? ADVANTAGE LAKERS, we know that. I’m not saying at their peak powers that the Lakers are better than the Warriors, I’m saying that if they played each other in a 7-game series – oh it’s going to be simple, those Lakers are going to get them boys. 1) They’re more physical, we said that, but DEFENSIVELY they’re a better team than the Warriors. The Warriors allowed 106 points a game while the Lakers only allowed 90. KD was brought in in-part to post up because Steph couldn’t post up. It was all 3’s and it was hard, difficult shots. KD, who is going to post up with Shaq in the paint? I digress. 2) Coaching, we just saw that happen in this series vs. the Warriors and the Celtics. Coaching matters and Phil Jackson is not only the better coach, he used to coach Steve Kerr! You don’t think he’s going to outcoach him?? 3) Everybody is going to say the Warriors are going to spread it open and they’re going to shoot the 3’s and ‘light ‘em up.’ Do you know the Lakers shot the exact same percentage from three in 2001 as the Warriors did in 2017? Everywhere you run, Golden State, the Lakers are there. Better defensively, better on coaching, and they shoot the three like ya’ll?? Man, it would be lights out, those boys are mopped.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Marcellus Wiley explain why he thinks the 2001 Lakers would hammer the 2017 Warriors in a head-to-head matchup, following the trend of Draymond Green and Shaquille O’Neal making bold guarantees on how a hypothetical series between arguably the two greatest teams in league history would play out.

Check out the segment above as Marcellus details how the ’01 Lakers would be too powerful defensively for Golden State, with an over-hyped three-point shooting advantage for the Warriors.

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