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Ben Roethlisberger Should Look in the Mirror

Former Pittsburgh Steelers QB, Ben Roethlisberger made some comments about ‘new school’ NFL players having ‘me first’ attitudes and it seems like he hit a nerve. DT Cameron Heyward, who is still on the team, was offended and took to his podcast to make his feelings known. Doug thinks this is a bad look for Big Ben considering he has a well-known reputation for being the exact thing he is now complaining about.

Doug Gottlieb: “Ben Roethlisberger’s kind of exposed himself as what most in the league already kind of thought he could be, which is: Ben is about Ben, which is ironic because Ben being about Ben is exactly what he said the ‘new school’ of NFL players is like...But while he may be right in terms of his criticism of the new NFL, he was as much part of the problem as he was the solution.”