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The Angels Must Change Their Approach to Mike Trout, But it Could Cost Them

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Jason Smith: “I hope that things work out for Mike Trout. He’s a great guy, he’s a 3-time MVP and everyone would love to see him play in the postseason again. But I can’t say I’m surprised he’s got this back issue, because he’s a bigger guy. He’s 6’2”, 230, and bigger guys just break down easier. I understand this is a rare back thing, but back issues are things that linger. We need to get used to a new normal of Mike Trout’s career. Everything we get from now on, is a bonus and it’s all trying to extend his career as much as we can... At this point, I’m pretty sure he should exclusively be a DH. It’s tough for the Angels, particularly, because Ohtani can’t pitch every day and already has that slot, but the Angels have to reconfigure their approach to all of this.”
Mike Harmon: “It’s just awful. You have to try to manage this as much as you can, but it’s a nightmare scenario. Ohtani is the DH, but now they have to figure out how to maximize both Rendon and Trout who are stricken with injury issues.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon share their thoughts on the news surrounding Mike Trout’s rare back condition. What do you think the Angels should do with Mike Trout? Listen to the full segment right here!