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Ohio State Fans Would Rather Beat Michigan Than Win a National Championship

Michigan v Ohio State

Photo: Getty Images

Jonas Knox asks Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington what's more important to Ohio State fans, beating Michigan or winning a National Championship.

Jonas Knox: "If you were to ask Ohio State fans, you can win a National Championship but you would have lost to Michigan that year, or you can beat Michigan but not win a National Championship, what do you think they would rather have?"
Brady Quinn: "Growing up there, it's a tough question because it matters that much. It bothers them. I mean Urban Meyer's Pint House has a separate room called "7-0." It's literally dedicated to beating Michigan seven times and never losing to them.
People nationally don't understand it. But that's what makes the rivalry great, is it's psycho. It's really psychotic when you think about it."
Jonas Knox: "I think they would rather take a win over Michigan, than a National Championship. Especially after last year, all the crap they got, this has got to be the year they get their revenge."
LaVar Arrington: "The first time they lose, they gotta get revenge. Vengeance!"