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Cardinals Knew Kyler's Contract Clause Would Become Public Knowledge

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kyler Murray

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Friday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the Cardinals reportedly scrapped the clause in Kyler Murray's contract requiring him to do 4 hours of "independent study" every week, but 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe think they might have already accomplished what they wanted, putting Kyler Murray on notice publicly.

Jonas Knox: "Kyler stepped up to the mic and just started laying everybody out and started calling everybody out for what happened because he was embarrassed. And then the organization realized, 'Oh, we got to make a change here. We got to do something.' If anything, it made it worse, so then why was this ever there to begin with?
LaVar Arrington: "There is a level of, I can have plausible deniability. If this didn't work out, well you can recall back when we did the contract, we put x, y and z in the contract.'
If I have a job within that organization, I am going to make sure that I protect my interests within that business. Somebody was protecting their interests as it applied to Kyler Murray, and part of it had to have been the idea of how he prepares. Bottom line."
Brady Quinn: "What's fascinating to me about this is, they wanted it to be public knowledge and they couldn't leak it. They couldn't do it any other way other than getting them to agree to it, put it in the contract, signing and agreeing to the contract, it becoming public, and then knowing they can always come back and go, 'You know we're just gonna remove it.' But no one's gonna forget about this because it's the first time in the history of the NFL we've had a clause like this. And so he's put on notice, they've made it public knowledge... It's an incredibly savvy move if Steve Keim came up with it."