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Kyler Murray Is Mad at the Wrong People

Photo: Abbie Parr

In direct reaction to the public pressure surrounding the “study” clause in Kyler Murray’s contract, the Arizona Cardinals announced they have removed said clause from that contract. It probably should never been there in the first place, but Dan wonders why Kyler decided to have a press conference about it. Kyler used it to lash out at the media for questioning his preparation when he should have been more upset with the team for including the clause in the first place, and his agent for allowing it to be included.

Dan Patrick: “Why are you directing this to the media when saying, ‘You all?’ Why didn’t you say, ‘Hey, let’s bring down Steve Keim the GM, and let’s bring in Kliff Kingsbury?’ Let’s bring in the ownership as well, they’re the ones that put it in. Kyler, that’s when you don’t have a press conference...This should have been, ‘I’m disappointed, I’m angry because I’m embarrassed by this.’”