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Browns Are Now A Surging Contender Despite Deshaun Watson Suspension

Photo: Nick Cammett

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and AJ Hoffman share their insight on Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension and how it shakes up the Browns’ playoff chances. The Vegas crew acknowledges that Buffalo is the clear Super Bowl favorite, but thinks the Browns are a surging team now that their roster is seemingly solidified despite the ruling on Watson’s availability this season.

RJ Bell: “The Browns were a surging team that was going a step up from almost making the playoffs to becoming a contender for the Super Bowl and all that was missing was an average quarterback, of course, overlooking all of the off field issues with Deshaun Watson. Now, all to say the Browns have a top five roster with a top five quarterback. That usually means Super Bowl contender."
AJ Hoffman: “I think Buffalo is still a notch ahead of them.”
RJ: “Why? Let’s say that Josh Allen is slightly better than Watson. Watson’s last full season he was better than Allen, and that was the season Allen emerged! So, we have the clear favorite to win the Super Bowl in Buffalo and we got the Browns, who you can make a case that they are no worse if their quarterback situation is solidified, and today it was somewhat solidified. Who is the NFL’s second favorite to win the Super Bowl? I see no clear cut favorites after Buffalo!"