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Colin Cowherd on Deshaun Watson Suspension: 'I'd Double It For Lying'

Colin Cowherd: “Through the course of life there are lies that are accepted… If you get pulled over by a cop, ‘how many drinks did you have?’, the answer is always, of course, ‘JUST ONE!’ You lie to a cop, you’re not going to jail for that. You can lie to the media, politicians lie all the time… We lie to ourselves, spouses, and friends, we call them ‘white lies.’ You don’t lie to a judge. Deshaun Watson lied to a judge. If you read the 15-page report by Sue Robinson, she didn’t think he told the truth. He got six games for a preponderance of evidence against him which was collaborated by one party, two parties, three parties… Her [Sue Robinson] report is ‘We have a collaboration of evidence here, SIX GAMES.’ Maybe they should put ‘perjury’ in the next CBA because lying to a judge is a no-no. Remember, he initially and throughout denied all of these claims. ‘OUTRIGHT LIES!’ and then he negotiated with the victims... In her 15-page decision, she does not buy that he’s telling the truth. That to me is another six games. Rob Manfred was criticized for just bringing up the ideas about robot umpires, but when he suspended Trevor Bauer for two years with no pay he was defended for that. The feeling outside of Cleveland is that it feels ‘light.’ It feels light to me. Six games from Sue Robinson, I’d add six games for lying, I’d go to 12.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Deshaun Watson got off with a ‘light’ suspension from former US District Court judge Sue Robinson, and why he thinks Roger Goodell should double Watson's punishment to 12 games.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he doesn’t think Goodell will get pushback for lengthening Watson’s suspension, adding that Manfred was applauded for banning Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer for two years.

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