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The Padres Said “Bleep” Those Prospects!

Photo: Sean M. Haffey

Jason Smith: “There is nothing you can’t give up for Juan Soto that is off-limits. It doesn’t matter. This is where the MLB needs to embrace the Sean McVay ‘F-them picks’ attitude. It doesn’t matter how those prospects are rated. Just make sure you make that farm system stocked. Padres win this deal, and everything else is a load of crap.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss the Padres landing superstar OF Juan Soto! Many say the price for Soto was expensive, but Jason and Mike explain why the ‘blank those prospects’ mindset San Diego has is the correct way to go about it and the MLB needs to adopt this philosophy. There’s nothing you couldn’t give up for Soto, and the Padres definitely won this trade.