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Al Michaels Reflects on the Life and Legacy of Vin Scully

Photo: Stephen Dunn

Dan Patrick: "When I say the name Vin Scully, what comes to mind?"
Al Michaels: "One-of-a-kind. Nobody like him. Can't imagine there will be anybody like him in the future, it's a different template now. In his 67 years, he did most of the games by himself. When you think about it, how many people have a job, any job, or work for 67 consecutive years, or have the same job for 67 consecutive years, and bring it EVERY day. There's no question, Vinny was my very early idol. I tried to emulate him. When I got the Hawaii Islander job, my first professional job doing minor league baseball in 1968, I'm flying over there, and the only thing I'm thinking on the plane is 'just sound like Vinny.' I'm very nervous, I'm starting my career, and I DID sound like Vinny. I sounded like a Vinny clone for so many years, and then I was able to bring my own style to it, but there was always a lot of Vinny in me. If there was a contest for best baseball announcer of all-time, and it was a horse race, Vinny was Secretariat winning the Belmont by 31 lengths."

Legendary Broadcaster Al Michaels joins The Dan Patrick Show to pay tribute to the greatest to ever sit behind a microphone, Vin Scully. Michaels reflects on Scully's career and recalls the thrill of the first time he met Vin. Plus, Michaels looks ahead to the NFL season, where he finds himself in a new booth with a new partner!