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Roger Goodell Has His Best Shot at Finally Winning a Public PR Battle

Photo: Rob Carr

Doug Gottlieb: "I didn't think that what Judge Robinson wrote made any sense (on Watson). She was super hyper-critical of the NFL in the past, specifically with the Ray Rice situation, but she had a chance to make a substantial dent in the future by saying 'that's been too lenient, this is how you do it.' She didn't. She fell in line with the problem, and she fell on the old legal side of precedent. But no, it's a new precedent. This is the first major ruling of the new collective bargaining agreement. So Goodell can come in and be heavy-handed and win a public PR battle for the first time ever. EVER."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the news that the NFL is appealing the ruling of a six-game suspension for Deshaun Watson, with the goal of imposing a much more severe penalty on the Cleveland Browns quarterback. Doug explains why he believes Roger Goodell and the offices of the NFL will drive hard to get Goodell his first victory in a public PR battle, after the newest CBA provides the possibility for new precedents to be set.