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Deshaun Watson's Browns Debut Could Be At Houston

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints

Photo: Getty Images

Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the NFL filed an appeal to the recommendation by arbitrator Sue L. Robinson that Deshaun Watson should serve a 6-game suspension, reopening negotiations between both sides. Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington see a scenario where the NFL meets Watson in the middle while also setting up a must-see matchup on the schedule.

Jonas Knox: "There's been some speculation that 12 games could be a compromise....The problem is the 12th game would be the game at Houston. Do you think that the NFL looks at this and says.."
LaVar Arrington: "11 games."
Jonas Knox: "I'm telling you man, if it comes down and they go, 'Well, we're just gonna meet in the middle. So let's go ahead and settle with 11 games.' I'm calling BS right off the bat. They know what that would look like, if Deshaun Watson made his debut with the Browns and it was at the Texans."