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Did the Cowboys Window Already Close?

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys

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On Thursday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington discuss whether the Cowboys are contenders or pretenders.

Jonas: "I wonder about Dallas, has the window closed? In 2016 they drafted their franchise running back and franchise quarterback and they had the best O-line in the league, and here we are seven years later and they got nothing to show for it. Everybody got paid but they got nothing to show for it. You look around the division, Philadelphia has improved. Washington has improved. The Giants are are trying to figure it out...
It just feels like Dallas' best chance to really do what Jerry Jones so desperately wanted them to do, and that's get back to a Super Bowl, it feels like that's gone and maybe this is just who they are. And they're going to tread water and be a topic of conversation because they're the Cowboys, but they're not really actually a serious threat in the NFC."
LaVar: "They still have pieces on defense where this can be a dominant defense. I'm not sure that their defense is good enough that they can carry the entire load of the Dallas Cowboys. That's the biggest question for me because I do not trust the Dallas offense. I've been saying that all along. And if you take a magnifying glass to it, you can see that there are tremendous holes and this offense may not be as good as what people are projecting them to be...
In reality, the Dallas Cowboys don't win big games. And I don't see this team as an improvement and an upgrade in any way on the offensive side of the ball where you would feel any differently about them doing that."