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Pat McAfee and Peyton Manning Announce New Partnership

Photo: Win McNamee

Pat McAfee and Peyton Manning will once again be teammates during the upcoming college football season.

During Thursday's (August 4) episode of the Pat McAfee Show, which featured Manning as a guest, the former NFL punter announced his upcoming partnership with his former Indianapolis Colts teammate and Omaha Productions to simulcast six college football games for ESPN.

"You invited me to s***, took me in like a teammate and a family man, like, you have done things right forever," McAfee said to Manning. "So for what I'm about to say I'm very honored to be a part of. Peyton Manning and I are getting into business together. We have officially agreed, alongside Omaha Productions, to simulcast six big a** college football games this season.

"We will be on ESPN2. The main cast will be on ESPN. Omaha is obviously helping us along the way and we will be running it. Peyton, you're the f****** man, thank you for the opportunity, thank you for the business, And I think we have to celebrate baby!"

(Viewer discretion is advised for some coarse language)