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Is Kevin Durant Part of the Problem in Brooklyn?

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Mike Harmon: “This is all very interesting... The Nets have a pretty good roster but clearly Durant is saying he doesn’t like the direction of the team. You’ve seen how Durant in his career wanted out of OKC, leaving the Warriors, then making the Nets get Kyrie Irving and James Harden that didn’t end up working. He leaves teams, takes the easy path and now that it’s not working after building a super team he is ready to drop the ball and walk out the door again.”
Dan Beyer: “The players are going to win over the coaches in this league, especially a two-time MVP. It’s crazy for me to think that people don’t believe Kevin Durant is being the problem. I’m not saying he is the problem, but right now he is part of the problem the Brooklyn Nets are having. I just don’t get why he’s throwing Steve Nash and Sean Marks under the bus.”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show, Mike Harmon and Jason’s fill in Dan Beyer talk about Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets ultimatum after Durant said he wanted a trade if the organization didn’t get rid of head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks.