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Matt Rhule's Starting QB Decision Could Have a Massive Butterfly Effect

Photo: Jared C Tilton

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn, LaVar Arrington and Jonas Knox discuss Panther's HC Matt Rhule’s recent comments regarding the Panthers QB competition between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. The crew believes that Baker Mayfield will inevitably be the starter, but a lot more hinges on this decision than you might think.

Brady Quinn: “Why would you go after Baker Mayfield if you didn’t think he was better than Sam Darnold? You wouldn’t have added him if you didn’t think he was better than what you already have. I feel the only way Sam will start, is if Baker just isn’t up to par with the offense. Speaking from experience, going to a new offense is like learning a whole new language. Baker is going to be the starter is not a matter of “if,” but it’s a matter of “when… However, if there’s a midseason change at QB, that’s a really bad look for Matt Rhule.”
LaVar Arrington: “Baker and Sam are very comparable guys. Sam has struggled because his most dynamic offensive weapon is out. If I’m Matt Rhule, and I can get an insurance policy in Baker Mayfield, it can help save my job. One of these two QBs is going to be a backup, and that’s a luxury for Matt Rhule in my opinion.
Jonas Knox: “It’s crazy to believe that whoever loses this QB battle that will pretty much be the end of their career as a starter in this league. Two guys taken #1 and #2 a few years ago and now are battling it out on the same team… their careers hinge on this decision.”