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Is Texas' First Place Vote in the Preseason Poll Legit, or a Trolling Move?

Photo: Tim Warner

Tuesday on “2 Pros and a Cup of Joe,” Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington react to the preseason poll rankings for College Football. Although it’s no surprise that Alabama is the #1 team heading into the season, the guys are shocked to see Texas sitting at #18 and even more shocked to see that they actually landed a first place vote. Did Texas deserve this recognition, or could it just be a troll move by another coach? Plus, the guys dive into the significance behind the preseason polls, and what they mean for teams in the long run.

Jonas Knox: “Alabama received 54 of the votes, followed by Ohio State Georgia and Clemson. The only other schools to receive 1st place votes besides Alabama: Ohio State, Georgia and... Texas! Looks like the Longhorns are back, even though they sit at #18 in these polls... Is it someone being a smart ass, and just giving them a first place vote to troll them?”
Brady Quinn: “Who the hell gave Texas a first place vote? What in God’s right mind would make you think they are the #1 school in the country? For starters, they have a QB competition going on, and do people remember how their season ended last year? The best thing I heard about Texas last season, was they were ‘all gas, no brakes.’ You can’t go anywhere if you don’t have any gas, and they ran out of gas at the halfway point of the season.”