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Why Kevin Durant's Demands to Nets Owner Joe Tsai Are Just a Bluff

Kevin Wildes: “Kevin Durant has made an ultimatum, and supposedly, and allegedly, Joe Tsai has to make a move on that ultimatum, but I don’t believe that ultimatum is real. If Joe Tsai said 'we’re going to keep Sean Marks, we’re going to keep Steve Nash, and the deals for you still don’t really make sense of us', what is KD going to do? You think it’s checkmate, I think it’s a bluff. I still don’t believe that Kevin Durant is wired to sit out the year. Suppose Joe Tsai does nothing, suppose he tells Sean Marks to keep looking for trades, and see what we can get for KD, but if it’s not in the best interests of the team let’s go forward. Do you think Kevin Durant doesn’t show up? Do you think he stays at his house and says he’s not coming to camp, and I’m not going to play this year?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Kevin Wildes explain why he thinks Kevin Durant’s unprecedented demand to Nets owner Joe Tsai is a ‘bluff’, as Durant reportedly told Tsai that he will only return to the Brooklyn Nets if he fires head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks.

Check out the segment above as Wildes details why he thinks the Nets should either find a competitive trade offer for Durant, or simply keep him on the roster and dare the 33-year-old Durant to sit out the entire season still under contract.

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