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Jason Whitlock on Cale Gundy Ousting: 'He Was Sacrificed to the Woke Gods'

Jason Whitlock: “Cale Gundy quit because woke culture forbid sharing his values. It’s the same reason Jay Wright retried as Villanova’s basketball coach at age 60, and the same goes for Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski at age 75. Woke culture prohibits college coaches from preaching traditional values. Male college coaches strictly teach X’s and O’s, and college professors teach values. For a college professor, there is no higher value than the protection of feelings and the promotion of safe spaces. College coaches on the other hand, value arming and fortifying young men for the harsh realities of life. Cale Gundy is yet another dinosaur who recognized the time we live in and voluntarily accepted the consequence of an American culture committed to the emasculation of men… In his outrage, Gundy forgot that it’s illegal for college coaches, particularly White ones, to preach their values to Black men. Only White liberals are allowed to preach values to Black people, especially on a college campus. Gundy mimicked the behavior of a parent and verbally spanked the player. Gundy forgot that the social media-driven, social justice movement ended the days of college coaches serving as surrogate parents to football and basketball players. College coaches are now personal trainers employed to prepare young men for the NFL and NBA Drafts, and that is all. College sports now have a sole purpose: the pursuit of money. A cynic will say that’s the way it’s always been, but that’s not true. Money has always been the driving force but there was room for shepparding and discipling young men. Woke culture ended that. Brent Venables, Oklahoma’s coach, obeys the gods of the new culture. The social media gods have spoken. Had the story leaked that Gundy scolded a player and uttered a word that Black people use constantly, social media agitators and bots would have framed the OU football program as ‘racist’, so what Brent Venables did and what the culture demands is that Gundy’s job and reputation be offered up as a sacrifice to the woke Gods. His story is a cautionary tale to other coaches. Don’t preach values, don’t pretend to be a father figure, teach X’s and O’s, and look the other way when you see Black players displaying self-destructive behavior. Let the liberal professors on campus and social media influencers groom the values and worldview of Black athletes. I feel sorry for Cale Gundy, he treated the player just as I would have.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock defend the now-former Oklahoma Sooners assistant coach Cale Gundy after he resigned from the football program earlier this week after he reportedly read a racial slur off a players screen during a team meeting in an attempt to scold the player who wasn't paying attention.

Check out the segment above as Jason details why this was another case of the ‘woke gods’ sacrificing a White coach.

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