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Making Sense Of Bill Belichick's Plan With The Patriots

New York Giants v New England Patriots

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: "You know Belichick has to be chafing to hear Brady getting all the credit...Belichick has a big ego. He wants to win this battle with Brady, that this is his team, that he can win Super Bowls with anybody. You think Tom Brady was good? Belichick is gonna try and win with anybody. When you accept that as a statement, everything they've done the last couple of years really falls into line. They didn't go out and get weapons in the passing game, they went out and signed a couple of tight ends last year. Didn't go crazy at wide receiver, drafted a game manager QB in the first round, drafted players playing in Division 3...this is the team Belichick put together to show you that he can win with absolutely nobody."

On this edition of The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike try to get to the bottom of the New England Patriots peculiar offensive choices over the past couple seasons, with Jason explaining that it's Bill Belichick's way of show how much more he means to the franchises success than Tom Brady!