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The NFL Will Own Black Friday in 2023

NFL Will Own Black Friday in 2023

Photo: Rob Carr

Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn, and LaVar Arrington reacted to the NFL's plan to play football on Black Friday in 2023.

Jonas Knox: "So we've been waiting to see if the NFL is going to make the move to Friday. Now, because there is an agreement in place with high school football, they don't want to play nighttime games, but it is going to be an afternoon game on Black Friday, and then after next year it's going to be a yearly tradition..."

Brady Quinn: "I said this back during Covid, and this is kind of like a bigger picture conversation, but if you look at what drives broadcast networks and how they make money, it's advertising. The things that people watch the most are live events... I'd rather play in primetime on Tuesday where the entire nation can watch me. I think during Covid the NFL took those steps because they had to, and you saw that it actually worked out. So I'm hoping that's eventually where the scheduling goes..."