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Jason Smith: Aaron Rodgers Irks Me

Photo: Stacy Revere

Jason Smith: “I really don’t know who Rodgers is upset at... He’s got his top 5 guys, and they aren’t the problem. He’s mad at people who aren’t going to make the team. This whole storyline irks me, everything he does and says rubs me the wrong way. We just hear how everything is so awful and the guy is making 50 million dollars a year! What is this really all about? Why is he calling this out to reporters? If wide receivers aren’t catching the football then they won’t make the team! Meanwhile, he’s calling people out but he couldn’t put a touchdown together against the 49ers in the playoffs last season. Mike, am I seeing this the right way!?”
Mike Harmon: “I think for you, Aaron Rodgers over the last two years has just ran you to the point where you’re tired of him at this point.  I think that Rodgers is more frustrated with his actual receiving core and is showing his frustration through his comments.”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show, Jason and Mike talked about how the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers had a meeting with all wide receivers. Both of the guys came to the agreement that the whole stunt of Rodgers talking to reporters about wide receivers dropping passes in training camp is a lot deeper than people think.