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Jason Smith: “Today, Jimmy Haslam Proved He is the Worst Owner in Sports”

Photo: Nick Cammett

Jason Smith: “I always say that if I’m a fan of a sports team, and you don’t like what’s going on, most of the time that will change over time. If your starting QB is bad, they’ll eventually find a new one. If your starting pitching isn’t good, you’ll get new starting pitching. If your GM stinks, he’ll eventually find his way out. When you have a bad owner, you’re stuck. Today, Jimmy Haslam proved that he is the worst owner in sports. The Deshaun Watson story did not reach a satisfaction for anybody except for the Browns. Women’s rights, once again, did not win today. Sexual assault victims, again, did not win today. It was a day to show if you are an owner and an influential person in the world, you have the ability to show that you can just say, ‘I understand the situation, but let’s taper it down a bit....’ Jimmy Haslam reached a new low today.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Jimmy Haslam’s comments about Deshaun Watson’s suspension following the NFL’s ruling today. Jason believes this now confirms that Jimmy Haslam is the worst owner in sports.