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Deshaun Watson Needs To Learn How To Play The “PR” Game

Photo: Nick Cammett

Bucky Brooks: “Deshaun Watson can’t continue to stand in front of the microphone. He’s always going to have his apology or words analyzed and dissected and then he has to answer for it in the media. At some point he needs to play the “PR” game. He just needs to shut it down. He’s got to own it and then he has to allow his actions do what his words can’t do.”
Doug Gottlieb: “I think now is the time to shut it down. Because, there could still be a criminal case and there’s nothing you’re going to say now that’s going to win.”

Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Doug Gottlieb and Bucky Brooks discuss Deshaun Watson’s 11-game suspension. Watson addressed the suspension with the media, including repeated blanketed apologies to the women and those “triggered” by his “situation.”  Many don’t doubt Watson’s level of talent, but he now needs to acquire a new ability he must adhere to — the “PR” game. Doug and Bucky explain that his success on the field can only help extinguish what he’s been chastised for off of it.