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Colin Cowherd: Stop Worshipping Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “Sammy Watkins came out yesterday in an interview with a Packer reporter and said Mahomes is fine, but Aaron is on a ‘different level’… Watson said he’s ‘never seen anyone carry themselves like Aaron Rodgers'. Let’s see how Aaron ‘carried’ himself in his last 11 playoff games because that’s how many Mahomes has played in his entire career... Mahomes is 8-3, Aaron is 5-6. Mahomes is significantly more accurate, more touchdowns, fewer picks, 27 yards a game more passing, and a significantly better passer rating. Mahomes has multiple playoff games he has come from double-digits behind, Aaron doesn’t, and Mahomes’ passer rating goes UP in the fourth quarter of these playoff games, and Aaron’s doesn’t. It should be noted that the AFC is tougher than the NFC. In these early playoff games for Mahomes he was a kid and learning how to play quarterback in the NFL, and Aaron is in his prime. Can we stop with the Patrick Mahomes shade? No GM in the league, given the option of having either one is taking Aaron at this point. Aaron is obviously older but c’mon. Winning, accuracy, come-from-behind, yards per game – we watched Aaron at Lambeau against Jimmy Garoppolo and Aaron wouldn’t let go of the football. We watched Mahomes with 13 seconds left and trailing drive the length of the field and beat Buffalo. If you’re saying Mahomes ‘isn't in Aaron’s class’… In golf events? In practice? At summer retreats with psychedelic tea? C’mon now, enough with the worship. In the last 11 playoff games, Aaron is 5-6, many at home as a favorite off a bye. C’mon now, let’s stop. There’s only one quarterback on Mahomes’ level going forward if you were a GM, and it’s Josh Allen.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd heavily refute former Chiefs and current Packers wide receiver Sammy Watkins’ recent comments saying that he thinks his new quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on a “whole ‘nother level” than his ex-QB in Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes.

Check out the audio above as Colin explains why he thinks some of the public Rodgers praise and hyperbole needs to stop, citing Rodgers' terrible playoff record the last decade.

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